Four facts about BCA’s Advanced Therapies Network

WEST WARWICK, Rhode Island
May, 2023

BBCA centers generate >$3B in revenue annually managing >50% of the country’s supply of blood and blood components from >500 facilities owned by ~65 centers in 43 states supplying biomaterials from >3.5 million annual donors to thousands of hospitals.

BCA additionally represents access to 7 cord blood banks, almost 60 tissue banks and organ procurement organizations, and 16 IRL testing facilities in 13 states.

BCA itself manages >$1B in transactions generated through purchasing/selling contracts it has negotiated and manages on behalf of its members.

Specifically on the advanced therapies side, in 2021 BCA sites performed >10,000 cell therapy (autologous & healthy donor) collections + >20,000 therapeutic apheresis procedures on ~380 Optia devices at >50 locations. Many of these sites have or have already planned in the budget to incorporate or expand cryopreservation capabilities.

About Blood Centers of America
 Blood Centers of America (BCA) is a member-owned organization comprised of over 50 independent blood centers throughout the North America, representing nearly 40% of the U.S. blood supply. Along with their core business of providing a substantial portion of U.S. blood supply, other BCA member services include patient blood management, transfusion services, immunohematology testing, therapeutic apheresis and tissue and cord blood banking. In addition, BCA members provide a variety of human blood products, cells and tissues to the therapeutic, diagnostic and cell therapy industries.